Exciting collaboration with designer Pineda Covalin

I am thrilled to announce that I am collaborating with acclaimed Mexican designer Pineda Covalin.  As many of you know, I feel very proud of my Mexican heritage and am committed to promoting Mexican history and culture.  It is an honor to be collaborating  and representing the great talents of Cristina Pineda and Richardo Covalin.  Below you can learn more about the mission behind their work, and you can visit their website and see their designs at http://www.pinedacovalinaz.com.


PINEDA COVALIN was founded in 1996 by Cristina Pineda and Ricardo Covalin. The company’s main purpose is to share the richness of Mexican and Latin American culture and traditions all over the world through fashionable products such as ties, purses, scarves and shoes, with diverse patterns on silk. 

PINEDA COVALIN was developed in collaboration with the National Anthropology Institute in 1996. The first collections made by PINEDA COVALIN included ties and scarves with patterns influenced by the Mexican mythology, nature, architecture, sculpture, paintings, Prehispanic figures, etc. 

Through these 11 years, PINEDA COVALIN’S products have been introduced in many countries all over the world. Our collections have appeared on runways at such as Fashion Week Mexico, Fashion Week Miami, and the Women Together Event in New York. These presentations have recognized PINEDA COVALIN as a creative and original concept and an exceptional ambassador of Mexican culture and fashion. 

 PINEDA COVALIN‘s, purpose is to show lots of colors, shapes and patterns influenced by the passionate and mystical history of the popular Latin American art. We want to help you get in touch with these magical and fabulous cultures.