Little Red

As an opera singer I spend a great deal of my time traveling.  I embrace life on the road and am very thankful for the opportunities to travel and share what I love most: music.  However, it goes without saying that travel can have its challenges.

Enter Little Red.  Most people would see her as just a suitcase, but to me she is a trusted travel companion who has become a personal friend.  Little Red is about 22 x 14 inches (in other words, carry on size) and has two wheels (as opposed to four…a longer conversation/debate for another time).  She was made by Briggs & Riley which is what attracted me to her originally.

After several years of going through one or two pieces of luggage per opera season, I wanted something durable. I was ready to commit to one-one piece of luggage-who would always be there for me.  Loyalty is something that I value greatly, but a true lifetime warranty is hard to come by!  I researched this and came up with two solutions:  Briggs & Riley or the Eagle Creek Tarmac.  I decided to go with the first option-less sporty and more suitable for any potential first class upgrades.

In addition to being my friend (and my suitcase) Little Red has become one of the great teachers in my life.  I am convinced she must be a yogi guru of some sort. Each time I pack, I am forced to do some intense self-examination.  What’s important to me?  What do I value so much I can’t do without it?  Who am I?

She is opposite of me in that she shuns existentialism and instead embraces the possibilities of life with such an optimistic outlook.  To her anything is possible.  She has never been the one to shy away from adventure or a challenge.  There have been many (many!) times where I thought there would be no way that all of the things I needed to carry back home would possibly make it, and each time she has proven me wrong.

Little Red has many special qualities.  For one, she is flexible.  She allows me different options-compartments and such, but also a substantial expansion zipper option.  Her willingness to accommodate is much appreciated.  Secondly, she is strong.  I use to look at cobble stone roads differently back in the days of other bags, knowing how much damage they would cause.  Not for Little Red.  She has incredibly sturdy wheels and has trekked on some amazingly uneven paths, even the unpaved kind.  Lastly, she has a great grip.  There are times that it can be hard to travel, especially when I’m going to a new place or traveling along.  There is comfort in holding Little Red’s handle-a soft, familiar place now-and knowing that I’m not alone.

Some people may look at Little Red and see a carry on bag.  I see her as one of the great long lasting relationships of my life, and an opportunity to learn more about myself each time I have to pack for a trip.