Algun Día

Recorded by producers Dina Fanai and Bob Kinkel, with wardrobe by designer Johnny Was and filmed by Iván G. Cantón and his team at Descarga Creativa at Hacienda San Francisco Tzacalha.

Featuring Choir YIDZAT IL KAY (The Art of Singing), presented under the direction of the tenor Eduardo Zarracino. The choir´s ample repertoire includes Mayan , Mexican , and instrumental music, as well as classic masterpieces, and their outstanding performances have earned them great praise, including competition prizes and invitations to perform in different forums in Yucatan, and other Mexican states . This includes the prestigious prize Coming Up Taller (2008) in Washington, DC, and they recently received an invitation to Feria Industrial in Hannover, Germany.

Cucurrucucu Paloma

Recorded with producers Dina Fanai and Bob Kinkel and shot at the Hacienda Dzibikak near Merida, Mexico by Ivan Canton and his team at Descarga Creativa.

Carla sings the Habanera from Carmen with the Opéra Royal de Liège

"Cielito Lindo"-Fernando de la Mora, Lila Downs, Eugenia Leon, Carla Canales, UNAM 2014

Introducing the Canales Project at TEDx MidAtlantic, 2016

Speaking at TEDxMidAtlantic, 2015